Meet Curtis Wallace, Head of Cultivation

Seasoned cannabis growers know – consistency is the hallmark of a quality product, yet there is always room for improvement.

Curtis Wallace, WeedMD’s Head of Cultivation makes sure his team of horticulturists, trimming technicians, production leads and cultivation managers follow this line of thinking daily. While overseeing all day-to-day activities pertaining to the Company’s cultivation and processing strategies, Curtis works closely with the operations team to ensure WeedMD’s modern greenhouse in  Strathroy, Ontario is running smoothly.

“From the start, we tailored a cultivation program at WeedMD that encompassed craft-growing practices optimized for commercial success. We strategically selected strains with the right terpene profiles and cannabinoid count – all the while refining our processes for optimal yields.”

The formula has paid off as WeedMD’s adult-use brand Color Cannabis typically sells out as soon as it hits the shelves as does its Starseed Medicinal brands.House strains currently include: Pedro’s Sweet Sativa (a.k.a. Wine Gums), Ghost Train Haze, Blueberry Segal, White Shark, Mango Haze and ACDC.

WeedMD greenhouse and packaged products

WeedMD operates 20 specialized cultivation and propagation rooms inside its hybrid greenhouse. Additionally, Curtis oversees the Company’s 27-acre outdoor cultivation platform and its 50,000 square foot purpose-built facility for processing the outdoor-cultivated biomass from its adjacent field. Now entering its second year, WeedMD’s field in southwestern Ontario is widely lauded as the premier outdoor operation in Canada.

With 15 years of experience studying and growing both small-batch and commercial cannabis, Curtis is a protégé of pioneer-cultivator Derek Pedro who closely mentored and set up WeedMD’s cultivation team and platform.

From hanging plants to dry and cure, to hand-manicuring the best product: “We pay attention to the smallest details and we listen to patient and client feedback – always looking for ways to enhance our methods for quality production.”

Curtis is now recognized as one of the few cultivators in Canada who can confidently cycle crops year-round in a controlled commercial greenhouse environment and is also vastly experienced in an array of growing practices including indoor, outdoor, greenhouse aeroponics, hydroponics, deep-water culture and soilless medias.

Throughout his career, he has acted as an advisor to various licensed producers across Canada, consulting in areas such as on-site expansion, growing, processing and management practices, as well as setting up standard operating procedures for commercial operations under the Canada’s three regulatory frameworks, the MMPR, ACMPR and the (current) Cannabis Act.

WeedMD Cultivation management team

WeedMD’s Cultivation management team pictured L to R: Taylor Carr, Karissa Hurl, Doris Renke, and Curtis Wallace

He strongly attributes WeedMD’s success to one main factor: “Teamwork. An operation like this requires open dialogue, critical and collaborative thinking and a willingness to constantly look at refinements and improvements. Plants do not take holidays. They grow 24/7/365. Having an organized team that runs seven days a week and has an eye for quality control is crucial to achieving success in any organization.”

In his spare time, Curtis can be found enjoying the active outdoors, playing hockey, and spending time with his dogs Sofia and Chino in his hometown of Dundas, Ontario.


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