Management Team

WeedMD Management Team

Keith Merker – CEO, WeedMD

Keith has been with WeedMD from the earliest days of the company and from the onset of the commercial cannabis industry. Formerly CFO, he was instrumental in guiding the company from the start-up phase through to today’s successful operation. Prior to WeedMD, Keith has a history of entrepreneurship and over 15 years experience working as a finance professional.

Nichola Thompson – CFO

With more than 15 years in senior finance roles; previously held management positions at Discovery Air, Deloitte & Touche, and Siemens, Nichola obtained her Chartered Professional Accountant & Chartered Accountant designations in 2007.

Derek Pedro | Mangement Team

Derek Pedro – Chief Cannabis Officer

With over 25 years experience in cannabis design, cultivation and production, he has introduced over 55 live strains into Canada’s legal cannabis cultivation system. Widely recognized for setting up the first truly-hybridized greenhouse in 2007 under the MMAR network, Derek is highly regarded as a cannabis pioneer and long-time patient advocate that has helped numerous LPs set up operations.

Josephine DesLauriers – SVP, People

With over 15 years of experience in a variety of HR-related functions, Josephine is an award-winning leader who  previously worked at Centric Health.

Brett Moon – SVP, Marketing and Sales

With over 10 years in sales and marketing within various controlled substance categories, Brett is known for building out Fortune 500 brands.

Alex Sibilev | Mangement Team

Alex Sibilev – VP, Quality Assurance & Global Regulatory Compliance

Brings over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience, regulatory affairs and compliance oversight. Alex holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and is highly versed in advancing international regulatory processes, including obtaining GMP certification in varied fields.

Marianella delaBarrera – VP, Communications and Corporate Affairs

With over 10 years developing and leading worldwide external communications strategies for Bombardier Aerospace. As a veteran spokesperson and senior strategist on numerous high-profile international matters, Marianella is accustomed to working with publicly-traded companies.


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