Honouring the Best in our Communities on International Nurses Day

When WeedMD and Starseed came together as one company earlier this year, the teams weaved together a unique cultivation and medical platform in Canada.

As a market leader in insured medical cannabis, Starseed looked to provide its partnerships with reliable access to a dedicated suite of medical practitioners under the Company’s North Star Wellness program. Today, that platform has evolved and expanded with its Virtual Patient Care Program allowing healthcare providers to connect with patients in their homes to screen for a variety of symptoms and to review their holistic health and welfare needs.

“In order to be effective patient advocates, it’s our duty to listen, assess, and inform our patients on a variety of medical subjects including questions about varied medications, prescriptions and their overall wellness,” said Sara Ryan, Nurse Practitioner and Manager, North Star Wellness. “To help ease the overburdened healthcare system over the past few weeks, we also started to provide extended assessments with prescription refills and other primary care services when regular providers were unavailable.”

North Star Wellness’ nurse practitioners have also been implementing routine COVID-19 checkpoints as part of their patient assessments, utilizing telemedicine tools to connect virtually. These patient health assessments not only include screening for COVID-19 symptoms, but also review holistic health needs – everything from access to essential items such as medications and groceries, to identifying and treating mental health issues.

For all this and so much more, WeedMD thanks all the nurses around the world for their commitment to keeping our communities healthy and safe.

More about the North Star Wellness Program

The North Star Wellness Program operates from clinics across Canada dedicated to providing medical management, education and streamlined access to clinical services. While the service was initially launched to assist Starseed’s patient base, all WeedMD and Starseed’s medical patients and clients now have free access to the full suite of services. Since its launch in 2017, the platform has continued to expand and now offers its proprietary Virtual Patient Care Program as a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the need for reliable medical information and services. Learn more about it here.


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Safety precautions amidst COVID-19

To help ensure our patients are up to date with all procedures and measures being taken during this time, we have created a website specific to WeedMD and COVID-19 updates.


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