Edibles – What’s the buzz?

In October 2017, a vote amended Bill C-45 (the Cannabis Act) to include “edibles containing cannabis” and “cannabis concentrates”—but the amendment won’t come into effect until 2019, a year after legalization takes place.

What are they? Edibles are THC infused candies, baked goods or any food product infused with Cannabis. Ingesting Cannabis can provide a longer effect of the medication, without the health hazards of smoking.

Legislation potentially will include: banning products that could have visual appeal to kids, requiring childproof packaging, implementing standardized serving sizes, and limiting the maximum amount of psychoactive THC per product.

For now, patients who like to discreetly medicate must make their own edibles, using their own prescribed medication. Remember to carefully note the concentration and amounts per edible. The best way to add a measured and known amount of cannabis to your edibles is to add decarboxylated oil to each product with a measured dropper. Watch our blog for recipes, hints and tips!


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